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Looking for a cheap hotel in Amsterdam?

Hotel Wilhelmina is located in the heart of the historal Amsterdam Centre-South area of the centre of Amsterdam. It's a charming two+ star hotel. For guests with a fascination in the arts and culture, they will truly be pleased with the Hotel and its location. 

Hotel Wilhelmina: always low priced and perfectly located

Along with being located among some of Amsterdam’s best cafes and restaurants, where one can enjoy a cup of coffee, whilst admiring the diverse architecture of the surrounding buildings, the hotel is situated at the edge of the majestic Vondel Park where one can enjoy a game of football played by the local teenagers or sit under the willow trees enjoying a book amidst the tranquility. For those who favour the Arts, they would be pleased to know that Hotel Wilhelmina is in walking distance of the Rijksmuseum, which featuring the Dutch Masters, the Van Gogh Museum and the Grand Concertgebouw (Concert Hall), adding to the character of this quaint hotel.

The rooms are comfortable and fully equipped

The hotel boasts 24 comfortable, fully equipped rooms, which have recently undergone refurbishment. Each of the rooms is designed to enhance ones comfort during their stay here in Amsterdam. All rooms have a private shower, a private toilet, cable television direct dial telephone, and other modern facilities. Tea & coffee making facilities are available on request. The Aadam Wilhelmina Hotel Amsterdam serves only breakfast, because of the enormous variety of fine restaurants in the vicinity. The efficient management, inspired by great hospitality, will do all to enhance the comfort and pleasure of your stay.

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